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“Farming as a family business”


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MACE focuses mainly on four enterprises for purposes of business.

Maize and Beans

High value horticultural crops.

Banana and its products.

Cross cutting issues.

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About our Organization

MACE is a second level cooperative (union)  registered under the co-operative societies law of Uganda (the co-operative society’s statute, 1991) with its membership composed of 146 rural women groups.

Our Vision

To stimulate, promote and coordinate socio-economic empowerment leading to women groups the development of higher living standards in the farming communities of its members.

Our Mission

“To provide the most effective and efficient agribusiness development services to its members”

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Our Services


Capital & Skills

Through the MACE, the RPOs members pull their resources together, access credit and other services to develop the...

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Market Information

Market information is very important in making farmers take informed decisions about what they should produce...

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Input Delivery

MACE plays an important role in the delivery of agricultural inputs so that they are easily accessed by the producers...

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Mission Implementation

MACE's mission of providing the most effective and efficient agribusiness development services to members refer to:

  • Provision of quality inputs to facilitate agricultural production activities.
  • Bulking and marketing of the members produce.
  • Providing capacity building support to members to enable them improve agricultural production by facilitating adoption of good agricultural practices in specific value chains, post-harvest handling of produce, addressing financial literacy, health and gender relations among others.
  • Providing value addition services to members by way of milling produce so as to increase the value passed on to the members and also market finished products.

Our Core Values

At MACE, we value:

  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Equality
  • Transparency
  • Intergrity

Our Impact

Rural Producer Organizations (RPOs) Personnel Trained
Ha of Land Planted
Farmers Profiled
Structural Relationships

This diagram illustrates the integration and functioning of critical MACE institutional arrangements in order to maximize service delivery to the farmers. MACE consists of 140 Rural Producer Organizations’ (RPOs), which organize production, Manyakabi Area Cooperative Enterprises (MACE) which handle the bulking, adding value and marketing, VSLA which provide financial services. VSLA are the farmers’ financial institutions for all the RPOs. VSLA are created by individual farmers and RPOs. The members participate through buying shares, savings and ideas in their financial Associations. In turn, they expect financial services such as keeping savings, loans and insurance. VSLAs savings help members to meet their immediate financial needs thus enabling them to collectively bulk and market their produce.

Fastest Growing Company 2020

We are honoured with the most prestigious Fastest Growing Company Award - 2020.

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