What we do

Activities of MACE

Long-term wise use of land resources.

We promote long-term wise use of land resources of Isingiro and Bukanga counties such that its biodiversity is conserved, critical ecological functions are maintained, renewable natural resources are used sustainably, and the livelihoods of the area inhabitants are secured, improved and enhanced.

Inputs delivery.

MACE plays an important role in the delivery of agricultural inputs so that they are easily accessed by the producers. Such inputs are required by farmers to increase productivity and produce good quality, increase farm income and become more competitive. MACE forms a link between farmers and input dealers.

Capital and Skills

Through the MACE, the RPOs members pull their resources together, access credit and other services to develop the technology and skills needed to produce sophisticated products.

Consistency in supply

MACE members organize themselves to grow the crops in a staggered way so that they mature at different time’s thereby ensuring continuous supply for the buyer.......

Market information.

Market information is very important in making farmers take informed decisions about what they should produce, farm inputs or about the market for the produce. Market information empowers farmers to operate more efficiently in a liberalized market environment.


Bulking is essential since the producers are scattered with small quantities which makes market access very difficult. MACE comes in as a second tier to further consolidate quantities which have been mobilized by the members through the RPOs.

More Activities

  • Improving quality
    MACE ensure good quality of beans and maize by promoting standards set by industry and making sure that the farmers meet the required standards through training and enforcement. MACE also promotes standards by undertaking post-harvest activities such as drying grain to the required moisture level. MACE enhances improvement of the quality of marketable beans and maize in Isingiro district and makes them competitive in both local and regional markets.
  • Adding value to produce.
    Through the MACE, farmers are able to add value to their produce and sell a transformed product, which gives more benefits. Value addition is presently possible almost with every commodity.
  • Increase beans and maize production and market access through gender mainstreaming in MACE farmers.
    Increase bean and maize production by empowering farmers the concepts of gender mainstreaming, joint planning & decision making and resource sharing among households members and farming as family business.
  • MACE works on integrated approach
  • Cultivate a culture of saving among the farming community using the Village Savings & Lending Associations methodology.
  • Capacity building of RPOs leadership.